Baseball World Series -- A Game You Will Go Crazy

  • You must be familiar with Superbowl in football or MLB, but unfamiliar with baseball World Series.Unlike the Superbowl which is a single game,the baseball World Series is a series of games that is meant to determine the best team in Major League Baseball at the end of the season. Of course, the challenge for teams in MLBis that there isn't just one ultimate series that matters; when it comes to getting to the baseball World Series, the best team from the American League and the Best Team from the National League both need to earn their spots in the championship series.

    Throughout the season all of the teams in both the American League and the National League, are competing to establish a record that will help them to get closer to the baseball World Series. The top four teams of the American League compete to advance to the baseball World Series - the top team plays the wild card (fourth place) team, the second and third place teams play, competing in best of 5 series to determine which teams advance to another five game series meant to determine the American League champion team. The same breakdown happens among the National League teams.

    The championship team of the National League and of the American League play in the playoff season to compete for the "World Champions" title in the baseball World Series. This has been the structure since 1994, and the determination of whether the National League team or the American League team gains home field advantage is made during the All-Star game mid-season.

    Major League Baseball adopted this structure for the baseball World Series in 1994, the World Series was not held that year as there had been a strike. 1994, however, was not the only year in the history of the baseball World Series that did not see the championship games played. Since the baseball World Series was first played with a match-up of the National League Pittsburgh Pirates and the American League team from Boston in 1903, a number of series has been missed.

    In 1904, the World Series was not played because of the assertion that American League teams, because they were new, were simply inferior. A champion was not crowned in 1919 because the Chicago White Sox team had made an effort to fix the outcome of the game. 1989 led to an abbreviated baseball World Series tournament as both teams were from the area of San Francisco and a major earthquake occurred and disrupted the championship.

    Among big baseball events, the baseball World Series is a game that are most watched and most looked forward to by a great number of baseball fans. Those who are passionate about baseball are often going to watch the series whether or not their favorite teams are involved simply because the series is a match-up of the best of teams in the nation.